Caring for an elderly parent or a loved one with serious medical issues takes its toll on the Caregiver as well as the patient.  The added stress tends to pervade all aspects of life – relationships become strained; the Caregiver neglects his own self-care; the Caregiver seems to have no downtime for himself.  Caregivers often feel that they are in a constant state of responsibility and worry.  They feel guilty when they take breaks from the person in their care.  Fatigue and frustration result.

Caregiver Coaching offers a safe place to discuss these issues.  Coaching allows the Caregiver to learn to create balance between caring for his loved one and the other parts of his life.  Participants develop excellent self-care practices, stress management techniques, and effective time management strategies.  They improve their own health and fitness level, thereby benefiting their loved ones as well.

Coaching is conveniently offered over the phone.  The Caregiver does not need to travel anywhere, saving precious time.  In-home consultations are also available, upon request.

Wellness Visits for seniors and homebound individuals provide peace-of-mind for the Caregiver.  Your loved one benefits from quality, one-on-one attention when you cannot be there yourself.  Clients benefit from the mental and physical activities provided during each visit.  They experience greater overall well-being and feel less depressed, more confident, and more energetic!   Activities of daily living become easier.  It is invaluable to have additional support, especially after an injury or illness. 

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