Client Develops Winning Mindset with Help from Coach Jenna!

“I am almost 60-years-old, and I feel like I am living for the first time in my life! …  Jenn helped me to develop the winning mindset necessary to lose over 100 pounds! I actually feel my emotions now rather than stuff them. It’s hard to imagine I ever lived the way I was for so many years. Now, I’m free to do so many things that the weight prevented me from doing. And, I continue to grow and learn on my own and by continuing to work with Jenn. I highly recommend working with Coach Jenn. It has been a life-changing experience, and I will always be grateful to her!” J.M., Little Silver, NJ


Client Finds Strength with Support from Coach Jenn! 

I always considered myself to be a “strong” person, but something was missing.  I had survived many tragic life events in a short period of time.  I hated to admit it, but I was beaten down.   I was rattled to the core, and those closest to me just didn’t seem to understand.  I am so glad I found Coach Jenn!  She was able to truly listen to what I was going through and helped me to reframe my thinking.   I feel strong and motivated again.   Knowing that Jenn is there as I reach for my new goals is invaluable to me right now.  She has given me the extra support I need to succeed.   C.M., Fort Lauderdale, FL


Empowered & Free From Emotional Eating with Help From Coach Jenna!

“I tried every diet I could find before reaching out to Coach Jenn. I knew something was missing but I couldn’t name it. Coach Jenn helped me make honest assessments of my eating and fitness behaviors. She coached me and supported me every step of the way as I realized I was stuffing my emotions. I was mindlessly going through life, sabotaging all my dieting attempts. Jenn worked with me to become aware of my emotions and develop healthier ways to deal with them. Once I began to accept myself and deal with my emotions, it was almost as if the weight just fell off! I think more positively now and feel more empowered to enjoy my life! I have stopped wasting energy focusing on food and the things I felt I couldn’t do because of my size. I would recommend Jenn to anyone wishing to develop better fitness and lifestyle habits.” S.S., Oceanport, NJ


Coach Jenna Helps Client Climb Mt. Fuji!!

“I still have more work to do to meet my weight loss goals, but I already feel a sense of accomplishment in how I now take care of myself. Exercise is an activity that I am now looking forward to each day, rather than trying to avoid. I make sure to get the proper amount of sleep and eat balanced meals. More importantly, my mindset is different. I now place my needs first instead of last. It makes quite a difference!

Oh—by the way—I successfully climbed to the top of Mt. Fuji on August 10 and 11th in time to see the sunrise! It was a hard climb, but I was able to do it because of Jenn’s help, and because of my new determination to live life to the fullest!” D.A.,  Long Branch, NJ.


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