Mission Statement

To create an optimal, supportive environment that encourages personal healing, growth, and success.

Coach Jenna strives to teach self-empowerment techniques in order to assist others improve the quality of their lives. As a coach, she helps her clients become more focused and motivated as they reach for their goals.

Life is what you make it. Jenna believes that one’s thoughts are the stepping-stones to what you create in life.  She is passionate about learning the lessons about life and herself that she needs to learn.  She believes she is here to share what she learns and discovers with others.


Coach Jenna Nocera, MA, MFT, CLSC, CPFT is a Certified Life Strategies Coach and Personal Fitness Trainer with degrees in psychology, behavioral science, business, and family therapy.  Her eclectic background includes work in managerial and clinical mental health capacities.

Jenna offers confidential, supportive coaching that provides structure and accountability as you move toward your goals.   Coaching is a solution-oriented process designed to assist you in maximizing your full potential.  

Life and Mental Wellness Coaching is different from advice-giving, psychotherapy, and counseling.  Coaching is goal-oriented and strength-based.  It is not based on the medical model.  As such, there is no medical diagnosis involved.   

Coaching addresses specific personal or business projects, general life transitions, and relationships by examining the here-and-now from different perspectives.  You will gain fresh insight into old, negative patterns that may have held you back from becoming a better version of yourself. 

Life & Mental Wellness Coaching provides an encouraging, confidential relationship that helps you gain insight and confidence to move your life forward.  Your coach will guide you toward living your life based on what is important to you and what you are most passionate about.

The Formula For Excellence®:

The Power within YOU + Focus with the Guidance & Support of a Coach =    Excellence!


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