Fitness & weight management

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Many of us struggle to find the right formula for excellent fitness and weight management.  Coach Jenna believes that diets do not work.  She will work with you to create lifestyle habits that maximize your health and fitness.

Coach Jenna is a Life and Wellness Coach and Personal Fitness Trainer with advanced degrees in psychology, behavior management, and family science.  Jenna is an experienced weight loss counselor who spent several years testing and education clients about metabolism.  With Jenna as your Coach, you will eliminate weight once and for all.  You will not simply “lose” weight, since what we lose is often found again.

Together, you and Coach Jenna will work to discover the reasons behind your poor eating and fitness habits.  You will develop tools to help reshape your lifestyle habits and make fitness and health easy and enjoyable.

Please schedule an initial consultation, if you would like to:

  • Develop new lifestyle & eating habits rather than follow a strict diet plan.
  • Lose the weight permanently.
  • Set healthy boundaries.
  • Put a stop to compulsive overeating & emotional eating.
  • Develop a healthy body image.
  • Discover new ways to spend your time once you are no longer obsessing about food and weight.