Magic Beans! – Dispelling the Fantasy of Quick-Fix Diets

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“Self-understanding is a lifetime endeavour.  It is not a weekend seminar. 

It does not come in capsule form.” ~ Vironika Tugaleva

As a coach and fitness trainer, I often hear from individuals who want to find quick fixes for their problems.  Human nature demands instant gratification.  Social media seems to have enhanced our expectation for immediate relief.  Unfortunately, I do not have any magic beans to grant your desires.

There is something about the holiday season that brings out our vanity.  Seeing family and friends that we haven’t seen in a while tends to make us evaluate our appearance and even our life circumstances.  We are a competitive species. 

During these first two weeks of December, I heard from a few people inquiring about how to get in tiptop shape by Christmas.   I lost some popularity when I advised that the holiday season is, arguably, the worst time of year to attempt significant weight loss.  With some hard work and discipline, you might expect to lose a couple of pounds during the three weeks between now and New Year’s Eve, but anything more would be unhealthy and unrealistic.  This is where continuous planning and goal evaluation come into play.  When we evaluate our goals throughout the year, we reduce panic and reaching for quick-fixes.

Dr. Social Media

A couple of individuals insisted that someone on social media who claimed to be a doctor made a very solid case for a particular weight loss drug.  I indicated that such drugs can be part of one’s weight loss arsenal but should not be relied upon as magic pills.  Exercise and proper nutrition will forever be important needs of the human body.  No pill can eliminate the need for physical activity and clean eating.  But, alas, I quickly realized that social media had gotten to the scene before I did.  The individuals were convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they had found the solution to their weight problems.  The only thing they were prepared to change was their willingness to ingest another medication.


Although I had heard of it before, I googled this magic drug that seems so popular lately.  Sadly, some pretty serious side effects (e.g., cancer) came up immediately.  No matter to my potential clients who wanted an “easy way out”.  They were still in the precontemplation stage of change and unwilling to examine the behaviors that were contributing to their weight gain.  The idea of a magic pill was much easier to swallow than having to consider the impact of overeating processed foods and low levels of activity.   Maybe someday they will take responsibility for the role their own behavior plays in being overweight.  But, for now, I cannot help them.

Old-fashioned Hard Work

Although it doesn’t make me popular with everyone, I have never been a coach or fitness trainer who espouses “quick-fixes” or “magic pills”.  I help my clients examine the core reasons for their overeating and stress eating, so they can learn healthier coping strategies and break the yo-yo diet cycle once and for all.

In order to alleviate stress and other bad habits in your life, you need the right strategies, mindset, and preparation skills. That’s exactly what I’ll show you, if we decide to work together. As your Coach, I will show you how you can be your absolute best and reach fulfillment in all areas of your life.

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