What’s Lurking in Grocery Store Aisles?

Recently, I was talking with a good friend while he walked the aisles of a major grocery store.  He was thrilled to discover that a major sale was underway.  As he rattled off some of the items and corresponding prices, we shared a good laugh.   From my perspective, much of what was on sale was heavily-processed and preserved and not worth purchasing.

As a Life and Wellness Coach and Fitness Trainer, I have spent years studying the various diets that pop-up almost daily.  Repeatedly, I return to my recommendation that we eat mostly whole, plant-based foods and avoid processed foodstuff as much as possible.

Whole, Plant-Based Foods & Health Improvements

This suggestion can cause the majority of Americans to recoil.  We have been conditioned to consume prepackaged meals and fast-food.  Whole foods can be hard to find on the go.   However, making the adjustment to eating mostly plant-based, whole foods can lead to a variety of health improvements, including:

  1. Decreased risk of diabetes
  2. Lower blood pressure
  3. Reduced risk of heart disease
  4. Weight loss

“Worst” Grocery Store Items

My friend and I got to talking about some of the “worst” grocery store items.  While he wrestled with the mallomars and mac n’ cheese, my top three (which follow) seemed less obvious.

  1. Salad dressings
  2. Cereals
  3. Juices & sodas

Healthier Alternatives

Most prepackaged salad dressings are high in calories and contain a lot of added sugars and sodium.  Alternatives to store-bought dressings can be made easily from scratch at home.  Look for recipes with a Greek yogurt base or try oil and vinegar.

The cereal aisle is riddled with expensive, high-sugar, heavily-processed, and chemically-preserved breakfast-like items.  Sugared cereals can be replaced with whole oats.  For added taste and sweetness, mix in berries and nuts.

Juices and sodas are loaded with unnecessary sugars and artificial sweeteners.   Drinking calories is not satisfying and will only add to daily caloric intake.  Switch to water, seltzer,  or unsweetened tea instead.

Lifestyle changes, and diet in particular, can be hard to address alone.   Coaching provides structure, accountability, and feedback to assist clients reach their goals.   Find out how coaching can help by scheduling an Initial Interview here.

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