Compete with Yourself This Spring!

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; 

true nobility is being superior to your former self.” ~Ernest Hemingway 


As Daylight Saving Time approaches (we turn the clocks ahead on March 12th) and spring moves in, a season of extra activity begins.  Personally, I love this time of the year.  It feels like a time of growth and expansion as the days get longer and outdoor events begin again.  I feel more energetic and begin to think of summer fun.  It’s exciting to consider ways to compete with yourself as a way of improving habits.

March Observances

March commemorates:

  • Obesity Awareness Month,
  • Brain Injury Awareness Month,
  • Sleep Awareness Week,
  • Diabetes Alert Day, and
  • National Nutrition Month.  

These observances, amongst several others this month, can serve to remind us to take care of our physical and mental fitness.

Compete with Yourself

Are there any choices or behaviors you can address this month to improve your physical and mental fitness?  What habits would you like to have established by April?  In what ways can you compete with yourself this spring?

7 Ways to Address obesity, brain injury, sleep, diabetes & nutrition

  1. Eliminate or limit sugar and processed foods. 
  2. Switch to a primarily whole food plant-based diet. 
  3. Wear a helmet when cycling or participating on other sports & activities that involve high risk of head injuries. 
  4. Establish a set bedtime & stick to it. 
  5. Engage in regular physical activity. 
  6. Be mindful of the struggles & challenges that obese & overweight people face, and practice kindness & respect toward them. 
  7.  Take breaks from technology, especially before bed.

Explore Coaching

If you would like to explore how coaching can help you achieve your goals, please schedule an Initial Consultation today.  We’ll discuss your current challenges and aspirations and create an action plan to achieve your goals.

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