brass clock lying diagonally in icy snow; brass clock atop icy snow highlighting winter holiday season as a time of reflection and rejoicing

Reflection & Rejoicing!


“Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing, but of reflection.”  ~Winston Churchill

Holiday Time!

You know what time it is!  The holiday season is in full-swing, and in just a few days we will usher in a brand new year.  For many, if not most, our to-do lists seem never-ending.  We plan for holiday events and special dinners with friends and family, wanting everything to be special.  In the midst of it all, the holiday traditions and the shorter days seem to conjure up feelings of nostalgia and longing for days past as well as questions for the year ahead.  It’s an emotional time, no matter how you slice it.

Year-Round Goal-Setting & Reflection

 As a coach, I suggest year-round goal-setting, reflection,  and review throughout the year.  However, with already tight schedules, additional goals and life changes tend to go by the wayside.  So, it’s that time again!  Time to hit the reset button.  Time to reflect on how we’re doing and think about things we might like to change. 

Fitness & Festivities

If you haven’t achieved your fitness goals this year, please let the idea of achieving a “perfect body” by New Year’s go.  Tough love – it won’t happen!  But, that doesn’t mean you can’t start to make small changes today.  Perhaps, decide not to do too much “damage” by overeating and skipping workouts between now and the end of the year.  Make every effort to maintain your current weight instead of gaining five or ten pounds.  Practice self-care in the midst of all the festivities.  Get plenty of rest, exercise, and water.   Limit alcohol intake. 

Some Eye-Opening Stats

If you need additional motivation, check out these eye-opening stats –

Herbalife commissioned a study entitled “Writing-off the End of the Year”.  Most (72%) of the 2,000 Americans surveyed planned to overindulge during the winter holiday season and expected to gain eight pounds between mid-October and December 31st!  No judgment here.  By all means, enjoy the special foods of the season.  However, also note that 78% of the respondents said they had gained weight during the 2022 holiday season.  Of that 78%, almost half (38%) were still carrying around those extra pounds in October 2023.   Not surprising, since it seems to take longer to shed pounds than it does to accumulate them, doesn’t it?  (You need to create a 3,500 calorie deficit to lose one pound.)  Just sayin’, but, hopefully, these numbers give you pause!

Steps to Achieve Your Goals

In my next post, I will discuss the steps to take to achieve your goals.  The steps are the same all year long.  Full disclosure – flipping the calendar to January is not like rubbing a genie lamp.  You’ll need to do your work.  And, I’d be happy to accompany you on that journey to offer guidance, support, and accountability so you stay focused and achieve your goals faster.  Schedule a conversation with me here TODAY before January is in full-swing and you forget your resolutions.  

Let’s create the right formula for you!

Until then, enjoy the holiday treats.  But, decide if doing so in moderation makes sense this year.   

Happy, Healthy Holidays!

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